March 21, 2019


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Hisense TV deliveryHisense TV delivery
Hisense Television Delivery

TELEVISIONS 58″ & OVER: £19.00

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Hisense TV CollectionHisense TV Collection
Hisense Television Collection

Collect your Hisense TV on the same day as you order! You can online and collect at our local store. (See T&C’s) Or call in and browse TVs in our showroom.

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Hisense TV Accessories

You can buy a  range of Hisense audio accessories, get great deals on the the latest models and specialist advice.

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Hisense TV on stand
Hisense 4K TV

Hisense create TVs that are more than just TVs. Whether you’re looking for a smart TV or 4K Ultra HD TV, they have everything you could need. Every feature and technology they have included is there to help you get the best viewing experience possible. Many Hisense TVs come with one-touch access which means you can flick between your Freeview Play channels, Netflix and even YouTube at the click of a button!

Hisense Smart, 4K Ultra HD Televisions Deals

Shop our huge range of extra large Hisense Smart 4K Ultra HD TVs. We offer delivery, however if you’re looking to save a little bit of money, collection is more than welcome from our Bolton store.

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Hisense TV Technology

Hisense Smart TV


Hisense have made watching what you want to watch easier! Their Smart TVs means you’re only two or three clicks away from being able to switch from BBC One to Netflix or Amazon Prime. The specially designed remote control means you can flick between your favourite streaming channels at the press of a button!

Hisense 4K TV


4K TVs offer some of the best picture quality around, and combine that with Hisense’s impressive sound quality, you’ll be able to fully let go and immerse yourself in whatever you’ll be watching. Whether that’s sports, TV or films, you’ll have some of the best viewing with a Hisense 4K TV.

Hisense Ultra HD TV


Ultra HD is exactly what it says in the name, it is ultra high definition! So if your screen and image quality is important to you, then you need to be looking at getting an ultra HD TV, so that no matter what you watch it is in the best possible quality!