March 18, 2019


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Samsung ultra HD TVs
Samsung TV

Samsung pride themselves with being right there on the frontier when it comes to the latest technologies, and that’s no different when it comes to their TVs. The brand name resonates with high quality, high definition TV which includes their infamous QLED TVs, ultra HD 4K ready TVs and Smart TVs. If you’re looking for something that you can binge watch your latest Netflix series on then flick over to channel 1 to catch the news, our Samsung TVs will tick all of your boxes! All of our Samsung televisions come with a 12 month return to store warranty (which doesn’t include accidental damage) so if you do change your mind you are covered.

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A Smart TV encapsulates your whole entertainment system in one screen. So whether you’re wanting to binge watch the latest Netflix series, or watch some music videos on Youtube, or even view some photos straight from your phone on the one screen, then you are in need of a smart TV! The Samsung Smart TVs are the perfect way to access all of your entertainment sources seamless without having to change devices or consoles.


Ultra HD TVs provide some of the clearest, sharpest picture quality out there. Samsung 4K Ultra HD TVs have around 4x as many pixels as a standard full HD TV, and essentially the more pixels a screen has, the better quality the picture will be! That extra clarity means you feel more immersed in whatever you are watching, rather than it being like you’re watching through a screen.


If you’re looking for a more budget friendly HD TV, then our Samsung full HD TVs will be able to tick all of your boxes! These high quality TVs include Freeview which mean you can start watching some of your favourite programs in high quality definition straight away. All of the images will be bright and crisp thanks to Samsung’s colour enhancer technology, making sure that a stunning picture is delivered every time.