March 27, 2019

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4k TV Delivery service4k TV Delivery service
4K Television Delivery

TELEVISIONS 58″ & OVER: £19.00

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4K Television Collection

Collect a 4K TV on the same day as you order! Not around to accept a delivery? Then order online and collect at our local store. (See T&C’s)

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4K & HD Ready TV Accessories

You can shop our huge range of 4K accessories, which includes some of the latest models in audio and we always have great deals!

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4K Ultra HD Televisions

Looking to buy a 4K TV? Then you’ll be happy to know that 4K Ultra HD is the future of TV! It takes your viewing pleasure to the next level thanks to the increased resolution and pixels. When it comes to TVs the more pixels your screen has, the better clarity your images with be and a 4K Ultra HD TV uses at least 8.3 million pixels which in turn creates sharper, brighter, vivid colours and some dazzling visuals! It creates more depth and definition to your screen, making viewing more realistic than it’s even been before. So if you’re looking for a TV which allows you to get lost in what you’re watching, whether that’s sports, your favourite soaps or even the latest blockbuster film, you want a 4K Ultra HD TV!