March 21, 2019


We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s. This does not cover accidental damage.

When purchasing a TV, please be aware that it may have a slight blemish to the bezel. This will not affect the TV’s performance.

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TELEVISIONS 58″ & OVER: £19.00

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Does this TV come with a warranty?
We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s – whether they are bought online or in our store. This does not cover accidental damage.

Are ElekDirect’s TV’s refurbished?
None of our TV’s are refurbished. They go through our service centre, who check the smart device is in great working order, and wipe any previous data.

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Sharp Ultra HD TV
Sharp Televisions

Sharp have been a leading technology company for over 100 years, and their drive has always been the same, to create solutions and innovative products with excellence. They were the first company to commercialise Japanese TVs and have grown in product ranges and popularity year on year. We stock a mixed range of Sharp TVs, they include Smart TVs with Freeview Play and 4K ultra HD. All of the TVs we stock come with a 12 month return to store warranty which means if you do end up changing your mind you are able to return it with no hassle. However, this return policy doesn’t include accidental damage.

Sharp Technology

Sharp Smart TV


With a Sharp Smart TV, you’ll be able to binge watch box sets on streaming services like Netflix, or catch up on your daily soaps on BBC iPlayer then flick over to watch funny cat videos on YouTube. So even if you can’t find anything you like on TV, you’re always going to have something to watch!

Sharp 4K Ultra HD


Sharp’s 4K TVs are able to capture real colour, many of their 4K TVs offer a larger colour palette than conventional TVs which means your viewing experience is enhanced. Sharp use a range of high definition technologies which makes their TV viewing quality some of the best around. So if you’re looking for a TV that focuses on providing some of the best visuals, then you’re searching for a Sharp 4K TV.

Sharp HD TV


Ultra HD TVs always display each frame as sharp and vivid as possible. This means you’re getting a realistic picture, you’re able to see the brightest and the darkest shade in every frame, no matter how dark or gloomy the scene is. Ultra HD screens perform in exactly that, ultra high definition!