March 27, 2019

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HDR TV DeliveryHDR TV Delivery
HDR TV Delivery

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HDR TV Collection

Want to collect a TV on the same day! Or, not around to accept delivery? You can order online and collect in our local store. (See T&C’s)

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HDR Accessories

You can shop our huge range of  HDR audio accessories. A good variety  of the latest models and always the best deal!

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4K HDR TV on stand

High dynamic range or HDR TV is the next big thing when it comes to your viewing experience! It has been created in order to give you, the viewer, a higher range of contrasts, brighter images and all round more vivid colours.

If you think 4K TVs give off an impressive screen visual, HDR TVs are ready to take this to the next level thanks to their ability to create a more realistic colour range.

Shop the best 4K HDR Brands

These HDR televisions are bringing what you see on TV closer to watch the human eye actually sees, and in turn they are providing some of the best visuals out here.