March 21, 2019


We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s – whether they are bought online or in our store. This does not cover accidental damage.

When purchasing a TV, please be aware that it may have a slight blemish to the bezel. This will not affect the TV’s performance.

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LG TV DeliveryLG TV Delivery
LG Television Delivery

TELEVISIONS 58″ & OVER: £19.00

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LG TV CollectionLG TV Collection
Television Collection
Collect a TV on the same day as you order! Not around to accept a delivery? Then order online and collect at our local store. (See T&C’s)

Tel: 01204 531234

Does this TV come with a warranty?
We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s – whether they are bought online or in our store. This does not cover accidental damage.

Are ElekDirect’s TV’s refurbished?
None of our TV’s are refurbished. They go through our service centre, who check the smart device is in great working order, and wipe any previous data.

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LG TV Accessories

You can shop our huge range of audio accessories, they include some of the latest models and we have some great deals as always!

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LG UHD TV on stand
LG Smart TV

LG TV have created a new standard when it comes to their high quality TVs. Whether you’re looking for a TV that’s Freeview ready, Smart or 4K Ultra HD, we have something that will work for all of your entertainment needs!

Our LG TVs start from a 32 inch monitor size, all the way up to a home cinema worthy 75 inch.

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All of the LG TVs we have in stock come with free shipping and a 12 months return warranty that doesn’t include accidental damage. We accept PayPal as well as payments by debit or credit card.

LG Technology

LG Smart TV


The Smart TV is the smarter way to watch television! They connect to all of your favourite online watching platforms and streaming services with the click of a button! All you need to do is connect your TV to the Wi-Fi and it is as simple as that. You can stream your favourite box sets in the highest definition on your LG Smart TV!



Having a screen that is able to project visuals in 4K quality means that you’re getting to watch your programs in some of the best quality possible. The extra pixels in a 4K TV means that you will feel completely involved in wat you’re watching. Perfect for those movies nights in!



The term high definition is now thrown about when it comes to electrical goods, nearly all TVs now come with HD or they’re HD ready, but if you’re looking for something that has the edge on HD, then you want a TV with Ultra HD! These TVs have some of the clearest and crispest screen definition out there.