Discover Elek Direct’s range of soundbars through the website or in store. Our Bolton showroom always stocks soundbars that will please you. Also, we only have the best quality speakers so that our customers are satisfied with the purchase at Elek Direct. Additionally, our prices are discounted from RRP meaning we are cheaper than any major retailer making your time with us worth it.

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In our range of Soundbars you can choose from Bluetooth, Wired, High power and Additional accessories!

Browse through our Soundbar manufactures that we have on offer including: 

Samsung | Sony | Panasonic | LG | Toshiba | Sharp | JBL

Soundbars on Sale now

A good Soundbar can transform you normal television habits into an endless luxury feel with complete control of volume and bass. Also, soundbars commonly have a long sleek design so you will not notice it visually because the point of them is to improve your sound quality and TV experience in general.

Moreover, having absolute clear and uninterrupted sound quality is the future of watching any movie or TV show with high quality sound effects, making you feel like you are actually in the scene. So, if you are looking to upgrade your TV sessions then look no further than Elek Direct!

We have multiple brand new Sound Bars in stock, ranging in price and all cheaper than you will find anywhere else. In addition, we sell numerous home cinema products making you have endless satisfaction.

Overall, if you are looking to upgrade your television experience then see us online or in store today!

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