March 8, 2019

Televisions For Sale

We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s. This does not cover accidental damage.

When purchasing a TV, please be aware that it may have a slight blemish to the bezel. This will not affect the TV’s performance.

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TELEVISIONS 58″ & OVER: £19.00

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Does this TV come with a warranty?
We provide a 12 months warranty on all our TV’s – whether they are bought online or in our store. This does not cover accidental damage.

Are ElekDirect’s TV’s refurbished?
None of our TV’s are refurbished. They go through our service centre, who check the smart device is in great working order, and wipe any previous data.

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Tel: 01204 531234

TV Accessories

You can shop our huge range of audio accessories, they include some of the latest models and we have some great deals as always!

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Tel: 01204 531234

Shop by TV Screen Size

Looking at Televisions for sale? Then here’s how to pick the right size TV for you! Firstly, the screen is measured from corner to corner diagonally, not including the frame of the TV. That 75” sure looks impressive on the shop floor, but will it fit into your room? Think about your room layout, how close you’ll be sitting to the television screen and how many people will be watching.

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A good place to start is by working out how far away you’ll be sitting from the television screen. You can use the handy table to work out TV screen size comfortable viewing distance.

Viewing distance Television Screen Size
Less than 1.5 metres Up to 32 inches
1.5 to 2.0 metres 32 to 39 inches
2 to 2.5 metres 40 to 45 inches
2.5 to 3.0 metres 45 to 55 inches
Over 3 metres Over 56 inches

Our TV screen sizes are just suggestions, the size of your TV is ultimately down to your own personal preference.

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Small Televisions

Medium Televisions

Large Televisions

Extra Large Televisions

Shop by Television Technology

With so many options TV screen technology and picture quality, shopping for the latest TV can feel overwhelming. So here is a quick insight into the current television technologies available.

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Pick your television screen technology

It’s a common mistake to think QLED, OLED and LED televisions are the same thing when they all sound the same! We have people asking us day in and day out, what is the difference? It’s worth doing your research when it comes to these to make sure you’re getting the right TV for your entertainment needs! After all it’s more than just a TV, it’s Smart too.

Pick your TVs picture quality

HD TVs are the norm now, but do you think all HD TVs are the same? Think again! Look for 4K Ultra HD or Certified Ultra HD Premium TVs to make sure you’re getting the best picture and screen quality possible.

Want more than a TV? Then buy Smart

Want all your catch up, on demand and streaming services all in one neat bundle? Then a Smart TV is the way to go. This allows you to watch regular and cable TV as well as internet based services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and even in some cases Youtube and Spotify! This means you’ll never have to miss any of your favourite shows, they’ll all be waiting on your Smart TV!

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Televisions for sale by Brand

Shopping by brand allows you to choose a TV that contains the features that you are looking for in your home entertainment system. Our televisions for sale include well-known brand names such as Samsung, Philips and Sony. With our impressive range of brands, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice!

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Great TV Deals

Great TV deals

Want to buy the best Televisions for sale that works with a budget?

Here at Elek Direct we have everything you could need when it comes to setting up your dream home entertainment system. And of course that starts with your TV. Whether you are looking for a curved, OLED, 4K HD or Smart TV, we have something that ticks all of your boxes, in a range of sizes starting from monitor size all the way up to 82 inches! We also stock a huge range of television accessories including DVD players and sound bars. We are sure you won’t find better TV deals anywhere else!