Digital Set-top Boxes

Below you can see Elek Directs current stock for Digital Set-top Boxes for prices that are lower than RRP. You can either purchase here online on see us in store!

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Discover what discounted Digital Set-top Box is best for you. We offer 2 of the best brands in this market them being:

Apple and Panasonic 

In addition, the services that are included with these Set-top boxes are:

Netflix | Amazon Instant Video | BBC iPlayer | All 4 | Demand 5 | YouTube | Social Media Apps

Purchase your Digital Set-top Box today

Once you have a Digital Set-top Box you will never miss an episode of the TV show are watching with built in recording and the streaming services. This type of technology is built in the ensure that you have freedom of when to watch your favourite channel, so you will not miss out even when you are busy.

Moreover, these devices are very easy to use and practical for any TV lover. With all the services and functions these boxes provide is life changing while you are home. All services like Netflix have their own series’s meaning you can discover shows you would have never had the chance before. Also, some services like Netflix are paid and others are free like All 4.

So, if are interested in upgrading your TV setup then see our stock for something that fits your criteria. Our prices are lower than all other major retailers, therefore you won’t find a better deal elsewhere!

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